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10 Most Popular and Authentic Types of Salsas (Part 1)

Here are the most popular types of salsas to try today

Mexican spices are an integral part of Mexican gastronomy. They have rich spicy flavors and bring out the best in traditional Mexican dishes. Most sauces are made from different combinations of tomatoes and peppers. Hot peppers and tomatoes are the two most abundantly grown vegetables in Mexico, hence they are featured in almost all sauces, especially salsa. 

Salsa is the heart and soul of Mexican gastronomy. They come in multiple flavors and complement different Mexican foods like tacos and tortillas. This article will explore the different types of salsas and which foods they complement the most. 

Pico de Gallo

  • Pico de Gallo is made from diced tomatoes, onions, minced green peppers, and chopped cilantro leaves. A combination of the above ingredients gives the sauce a unique taste. They are a treat for the eyes too as the colorful sauce features the three colors of the Mexican flag i.e. red, white, and green. 

For reasons unknown, Pico de Gallo is also called The Rooster’s Peak. A tangy variant of this sauce contains lime juice and a pinch of salt. Pico de Gallo is best enjoyed with all kinds of tacos, whether it is the simply grilled meat tacos or the specially prepared Tacos al Pastor. 


  • different types of salsas to tryNot a lot of people know this but Guacamole is a type of salsa. Made from pureed avocados, it has a thick texture and spicy flavor. The spiciness is attributed to the addition of minced green jalapenos and peppers. Other ingredients such as diced onions, tomatoes, lime, and cilantro leaves are also added to the sauce.  

Avocados oxidize in the presence of oxygen and turn brown in color, but lime juice prevents its oxidation and retains its bright green color. Guacamole is best enjoyed with tacos.  

Salsa Verde Cruda

  • This sauce is made from ripe green tomatoes, which are one of the most popular and unique ingredients of Mexican gastronomy. They are the base of multiple green salsas. Also known as raw green salsa, Salsa Vere Cruda is made from a combination of green tomatoes, onions, cilantro leaves, garlic, hot peppers, and a pinch of salt. All these ingredients are blended well to achieve a semi-solid consistency. 

Salsa Verde Cocida

  • This is another green salsa that has almost the same ingredients as Salsa Verde Cruda. However, a major difference lies in the preparation of the two sauces. For Salsa Verde Cocida, the ingredients are cooked in boiling water and then blended to make the salsa, whereas for Salsa Verde Cruda raw ingredients are combined to make the sauce. This salsa goes hand in hand with enchiladas. It is also used as a dip. 

Peanut Salsa

  • This is a thick creamy sauce that features an unusual ingredient i.e. peanuts. Also known as Salsa Macha or Chili Pesto, peanut salsa is made from a combination of onions, dried hot peppers, and peanuts. The three ingredients are cooked in oil and then blended together. Add a dash of black pepper and salt to the ingredients and peanut salsa is ready to serve. 

The hot peppers used in peanut salsa can be arbol, ancho, or pasilla chiles. The spiciness compliments the nuttiness of the peanuts. Peanut salsa goes well with any kind of grilled food. 

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