fun facts about nachos

4 Fun Facts About Nachos

Here are 4 awesome fun facts about Nachos That Will Surprise You

Most Mexican foods have an interesting history associated with them. They are an amalgamation of traditional Mexican spices and culinary methods fused with European flavors and ingredients. Due to the widespread migration of Mexicans to the USA, American flavors have also been assimilated into Mexican gastronomy.

Nachos are traditional Mexican snacks that are just as popular in North America as they are in the South. The base of nachos is made of tortillas chips that are covered with a wide variety of toppings such as salsa, cheese, corn, chicken, olives, jalapeno, onions, steak, pinto beans – you name it.

The popularity of Nachos can be understood from the fact that to honor this snack, National Nachos Day is celebrated across the USA on the 6th of November every year. Nachos have become a beloved food snack as well as one that is served at every family gathering.

We have brought to you some interesting historical facts about nachos which add quite a flair to these delicious snacks. So let’s dig in.

Nachos are Named After An Actual Mr. Nacho

One of the most interesting things about nachos is that they were created impromptu, without any proper planning. History reveals that Nachos were first made by Mr. Ignacio Anaya who was a maître d’hôtel at a restaurant in Piedras Negras, Mexico. In 1940, he was tasked to create a meal using common food ingredients. So he whipped the first batch of nachos using these three ingredients only:

  • Tortilla chips
  • Pickled jalapeno
  • Cheese

The term ‘nacho’ is a common nickname for ‘Ignacio’, which is a Spanish name. Hence, the dish has been named after the maître d’hôtel who is credited for creating this super popular snack.

Efforts Were Made to Trademark Nachos

  • As nachos grew in popularity, the son of Mr. Anaya decided to trademark the recipe and claim sole ownership of the intellectual property created by his father. In 1960, Mr. Anaya’s son contacted a lawyer to get the recipe trademarked. However, by that point, the recipe was taken up by many restaurants, and getting it trademarked would have been futile.

Nachos Were Invented in Mexico

  • facts about nachosThere is a common perception that nachos were invented in Texas, USA. However, history reveals that nachos were first served to the wives of US army officers who were stationed at Fort Duncan during the ’40s. One day the wives crossed the border and stepped into Mexican territory to shop a bit.

On the way back, they stopped at a local restaurant in Piedras Negras where Mr. Ignacio Anaya worked. The restaurant’s chef was not present at the time so Mr. Anaay improvised and whipped up some nachos using cheese, tortilla, and sliced jalapenos. When the ladies asked what this snack was called, he replied “Nachos Especiales”.

Tortilla Chips And Nachos Cheese Dip Are American Inventions

  • Mexicans may take pride in inventing nachos, but Americans have taken this snack to a new level by adding some variations to them. Tortilla chips were first manufactured by a local American factory. They came up with the ingenious idea of frying warped and deformed tortillas and selling them as chips.

Little did they know that tortilla chips will become a huge deal in the future. Likewise, nachos cheese dip was invented by a restaurant located in Texas. Layering the nachos with the cheese dip was quickly adopted by most of the eateries that served nachos.

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