Homemade Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

The Interesting History of Huevos Con Chorizo

Learn how Huevos Con Chorizo originated and why it is a popular Mexican dish 

Huevos Con Chorizos is a Mexican dish that is made of scrambled eggs and chorizo. Chorizo is a popular sausage that is made from a combination of chopped pork meat, pork fat, salt, pepper, cinnamon, achiote, and other species. Well-made chorizo has a distinct red color to it. Huevos Con Chorizo is a spicy Mexican dish that is often served at breakfast.

The origins of Chorizo can be traced to 16th century Europe – Spain and Portuguese to be precise. As with most Mexican dishes, Huevos Con Chorizo became a part of Mexican gastronomy during colonial times. Chorizo is a common sausage in Spain, Portuguese, and Mexico. However, the Mexican variant is soft and can be made from beef and chicken as well. Whereas the Spanish chorizo is harder and smoking the pork is a must. 

Chorizo consists of coarsely ground pork beef seasoned with vinegar and spices such as pepper, garlic, and salt. Let us take a look into the deep history of this dish which spans over two continents. 

History of Huevos Con Chorizo

  • The main component of this breakfast staple is the chorizo sausage. Tracing the origin of sausage can be tricky because mankind has been preserving meat through different methods since the beginning of time. The first footsteps of sausages can be traced back to the time of the European Black Plague in the mid-1300s. To save themselves from starvation, they tried different techniques such as curing, salting, drying, and smoking to preserve meat. 

Introduction of Chorizo in Latin America

  • history of huevos con chorizoChorizo – a sausage native to Spain – was introduced to Latin America during the 16th century when Spain defeated the Aztec empire and set its feet in Mexico. History reveals that Spainards brought pigs to Mexico. Hernan Cortes and his fellowman raised pigs on Mexican soil to produce meat for making chorizo. 

The city of Toluca located in Central Mexico is credited for being the first place where Spainards produced chorizo in the 16th century. To date, the chorizos from Toluca are considered the best in the country. 

  • The Spanish took great pains to produce the best and most authentic chorizos. They followed the nitty-gritty such as appointing a person who ensured the pigs ran and didn’t put on too much weight. The meat of obese pigs is not quite as delicious as those of healthy pigs. 

As the centuries passed, Chorizo was assimilated into Mexican gastronomy and they developed a taste and identity of their own. Chilli peppers were the most important addition to Mexican chorizos. Chorizos made in Mexico also tasted different from those made in Europe because the Mexican pigs were fed with corn while European pigs fed on grass and soybean. 

  • Before the age of industrialization, Chorizos were considered a luxury. Only the royal and elite had access to them although they were prepared by peasant farmers. The introduction of the exotic pimento and pepper made it exclusive to the wealthy echelons of the societal hierarchy. 

Industrialization during the nineteenth century led to increased production of pork. As a result, churros were mass-produced and they became accessible to the common man. They became popular in America during the 1960s when migration across the Mexico-US border increased and Mexican cuisines started gaining traction in the US. 

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